Holiday 2018 Green Foods Gift Guide

Your Green Foods Holiday Gift Guide for 2018

By Natasha Burton



As the holiday season quickly approaches, it's time to start making our gift lists for all the important people in our lives. While it's normal to feel a sense of anxiety about what to get everyone, there's no need to panic. The Green Foods Holiday 2018 Gift Guide has got you covered!

The following gifts can work for a number of people you're shopping for: coworkers, your main squeeze, a holiday party hostess, and even your beloved dog or cat. Use the ideas below to jumpstart your gift-giving plans and soon you'll have the perfect presents for everyone on your list!

Vibrant Collagen Creamer

An easy way to reap the beauty and health benefits of collagen, this collagen creamer adds a powerful boost to your morning coffee. It's the perfect gift for your friend who has already tried “all” the beauty products, your coffee-loving coworker or even someone having you over for a holiday brunch. (And there’s no shame in picking up a can of collagen creamer for yourself, too!)

Matcha Green Tea Powder

It's no secret that matcha powder is one of the "it" foods of late, as basically every coffee shop now offers matcha lattes in the hope of serving a more health-conscious clientele. For the person in your life who's always on the forefront of what's new and trending in food, this Matcha Green Tea Powder makes the perfect gift. Instead of shelling out five bucks a pop for a barista-made creation, your wellness-focused significant other, friend or family member can whip up their own café-worthy latte or matcha-infused smoothie right at home.

Beet Essence

The health-conscious (or health curious) tween in your life will love this supplement, which not only tastes awesome but will help support whole-body health through finals week and beyond. By mixing this powder into a favorite drink or incorporating it into a smoothie, they’ll enjoy a sweet gateway into a more balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

Wheatgrass Shots

For your always-working bestie or the new mom or dad in your life, Wheatgrass Shots are the ideal holiday gift. Making wheatgrass at home can be a time-consuming, messy process, but the Green Foods supplement can easily provide your loved one that necessary boost of health and energy—quickly.

Barley Dog & Barley Cat

A 2018 gift guide can't be complete without something for the animals and animal aficionados in your life. Any health-conscious pet lover will appreciate the opportunity to pamper his or her furry friend with these dog or cat supplements designed to keep animals thriving inside and out. Or, if you'd like to get your own pooch or kitty something other than another toy or box of treats, consider giving your fuzzy family member the gift that promotes good health.

Green Foods Shaker Cup

A quick and easy way to mix up healthy shakes on-the-go, the Green Foods Shaker Cup makes getting that oh-so-necessary nutrition boost a breeze. The cup makes a great gift for a friend or family member who's constantly busy but wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle (or has a goal to cultivate a more wellness-focused life in the new year). It's also a great stocking stuffer option for your strapped-for-time significant other or a sweet token for your gym buddy to show how much you appreciate their support.

True Vitality Protein

This powerful powder is a great gateway product for living a more balanced, healthy life. Gift it to your parents to help jumpstart their more health-conscious lifestyle or to a wellness-aware friend who's on the lookout for great ways to pack in more nutrients. Anyone who wants to take greater control over their own nutrition will appreciate this all-in-one supplement.


Natasha Burton is a lifestyle writer whose work has appeared on,, MSN and other leading publications. She's the author of six books on various relationships topics, including dating, weddings and friendship.





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