How to Make (Hot and Cold) Ceremonial Matcha at Home

By Nishad Jiwa

Matcha Green Tea is a Japanese elixir that is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. As a dietary supplement, Matcha is also an antioxidant that removes harmful toxins from the body. Similarly, it aids the digestive process, while increasing vital energy levels and vigor. This popular supplement can be consumed hot or cold, and is considered one of the top superfoods on the market today. Green Foods features a range of Matcha products that help reduce fat, increase metabolism rates and calm the mind and body.

How to Make Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial Matcha tea is rooted in ancient Japanese culture. Matcha tea ceremonies are rituals that celebrate mindfulness, respect and living in the present. These ceremonies are accentuated by simple floral arrangements, along with hanging scrolls of proverbs that exemplify ancient wisdom. While traditionally performed by Buddhist monks or Zen masters, anyone can participate and enjoy ceremonial Matcha in the comfort of their home or business.

Here are the essentials of making standard Matcha.


  • Medium-size bowls, the traditional way to drink Matcha
  • A bamboo whisk
  • A small sifter
  • Hot water and loose Matcha powder.


  1. Sift 2 teaspoons of Matcha powder into a bowl.
  2. Add 20 ounces of hot water to the bowl.
  3. Whisk the mixture using a bamboo whisk in a zigzag manner until frothy.

Enjoy this healthy drink directly from the bowl. Repeat the same steps for additional bowls for your guests and loved ones. For cold Matcha, simply let the mixture cool for a few minutes before consumption, or add cold water if needed.

These steps are quite simple and easy to perform for Matcha ceremonies. However, you can use this process to enjoy great tasting, healthy Matcha tea whenever desired. Matcha tea powder far surpasses loose leaf green tea, since it contains up to 15 times more nutrients. Similarly, this tea powder represents the ground tea leaf as a whole. This means the essential vitamins and minerals are always present, as opposed to brewed green tea leaves that often trap these supplements.

Japanese Methods of Producing Matcha

The Japanese method of making Matcha is not much different from the standard version. Since Matcha is already rooted in Japanese culture, there are only a few subtle differences in these two methods. To brew a cup or bowl:

  1. Gather your Matcha accessories: bamboo whisk (called Chasen), tea bowl (called matcha-chawan), measuring ladle (chashaku), tea strainer and Matcha powder.
  2. Scoop 1 1/2 teaspoons of Matcha powder into the strainer.
  3. Sift the Matcha powder into the tea bowl, and swirl the powder around the strainer with the ladle. This removes any clumps and ensures smooth tea throughout the container. .
  4. Pour about 2 ounces of boiling water into the teacup or bowl, then let it sit and cool for about a minute or so. Then, pour the rest of the water into the bowl with the Matcha powder.
  5. Use the Chasen to whisk and combine the tea. Use smooth, circular movements  to ensure thin and smooth tea. Whisk for about 20 seconds until the tea is a bright color.

The tea will appear foamy, with the powder settling at the bottom. For optimal results, drink the tea right away.


Nishad Jiwa specializes in writing about healthier lifestyles. He writes about a wide array of leading supplements for proper digestion, burning fat, skin care and other health benefits.


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    I have been drinking your matcha green tea since my lumpectomy in 2016. It is delicious, mild, and I like to drink it at night. I am counting on it to help save my immune system. I feel good! Thank you.

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