Giving Back

Green Foods for a Green World


At Green Foods, our company has been lucky enough to sustain and thrive for over 40 years.  We see how fast the world has changed and we want to leave a mark on this beautiful planet of ours that we have been blessed to call home.

Since 1979, Green foods have meticulously selected to work with partners that produce organic and sustainable products whenever possible.  Through this careful process, we are able to offer our customers the finest quality ingredients at the same time ensuring the land it comes from will last for generations to come.

Starting in 2018, Green Foods has been phasing out plastic shrink wrap in our products reducing the amount of plastic waste that gets clogged in our oceans and landfills that doesn’t break down for hundreds of years.  We hope to completely move away from plastic shrink wrap in the next year.

In 2019, our President announced that we will continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by partnering with One Tree Planted.  A portion of our monthly proceeds will go to planting trees around the world. 

For the first year we will be primarily focusing our efforts in California where we are based out of.  Wildfires have wiped out hundred thousand acres of pristine forests and we hope to do our small part in reforesting what was lost.


We will also be donating trees to the Amazon rainforest where deforestation is threatening thousands of wildlife.  By Donating to the Amazon, we can provide a source of income and education to the local people in hopes that it leads to a better standard of living and help preserve the lush ecosystem that connects this world together.

With your help, we believe we can make a difference in the world.  When you shop with us, have a piece of mind that you are getting the highest quality possible and building a Greener future for everyone.