For Pets

Our pet’s nutrition is incredibly important, perhaps even more important than our own. Why? Our furry friends can’t tell us when something feels off, so it’s vital that we offer a full complement of essential nutrients each and every day to give our cats and dogs everything they need to not just live, but to thrive.

Most commercial pet food is processed under less-than-ideal conditions. High-heat drying and excess light drain the nutrients from food long before it reaches Fluffy or Fido’s bowl. We’ve flipped the script by using the same low-temperature, low-light techniques employed during the creation of our human supplements to preserve the vitamins and minerals naturally found in the ingredients that form the foundation of our pet supplements. Add in some delicious taste sensations like liver, hickory-smoked bacon and rosemary, and you’ve got some lip-smacking, tail-wagging goodies the whole family — four-legged at least — will love.

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