Barley Dog 3oz & 11oz
Barley Dog 3oz & 11oz

Barley Dog 3oz & 11oz

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You probably know that it’s important to eat your greens, but how many leafy vegetables make their way into your dog’s diet? We’ve made it our mission to create a portfolio of products that improve everyday life for you and your pets. With Barley Dog, you get a supplement that nourishes your pet and tastes great too.

My dogs are pretty picky. Will they eat Barley Grass?

If your dogs already eat grass, they’ll probably like our Barley Grass too, but we’ve hedged our bets by adding other great-tasting ingredients, including the irresistible flavor of hickory smoked bacon, to tempt your pets even more.

When my dogs eat grass from the yard, they tend to get sick. Will the same thing happenwith Barley Dog?

It’s likely not the nutritional aspect of the grass that’s irritating your dog’s stomach but the shape of the blades. Grass has microscopic barbs that can easily cause discomfort when swallowed whole, but our product is made from barley grass juice for easy digestion and quick absorption.

Is Barley Dog good for puppies? How about my senior dog?

Our products are formulated to be safe for dogs of all ages. That said, smaller dogs as well as newborn and senior pets may benefit from a smaller serving size at first.

If my dogs already eat premium dog food, will they still benefit from your supplements?

Think about your dog’s diet similarly to how you think about your own: Eating high quality food is important, but you can’t always get everything you need via the food you eat. Pet foods — even the really good stuff — tend to be heat-processed, which destroys nutrients typically found in fresh food. Green Foods Barley Dog is made using a special low-heat technique that preserves the live enzymes so your pet gets nothing but the very best.

What are the ingredients in Barley Dog?

Dried barley grass extract, maltodextrin, hickory smoked dried torula yeast, brown rice, and garlic.

What is Green Foods Barley Dog?

Barley grass is a whole food supplement often used by humans who love the myriad health benefits this lush green grass offers. Sure, your pet may already graze in your neighbor’s lawn while they’re out playing in the afternoon, but that kind of grass and this kind of grass are really two different things.

Barley grass is brimming with active enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, essential trace minerals, chlorophyll and bioflavonoids, all of which work in concert to improve your dog’s overall well being. We start with barley grass grown right here in the USA — no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, of course — then juice the leaves to extract all the good stuff. That juice is then dried using our revolutionary low-heat processing technique to keep the nutrients intact and as bioavailable as possible.

Barley Dog Is:

How to Use Green Foods Barley Dog

All the Benefits

• Promote Healthy Skin and Coat: One of the first visible signs of nutrient deficiency in pets is a lackluster coat and dry, itchy, off color skin. As Barley Dog takes effect, you’ll likely notice a new sheen and less brittle fur.

• Improve Digestion and Reduce Bad Breath: Puppy breath can be sweet. Adult dog breath, not so much. The chlorophyll in barley grass helps improve digestion by increasing the production of hydrochloric acid and contributing important digestive enzymes, and as digestion improves, so will your pup’s breath.

• Boost Energy Levels: Aging dogs often experience a natural dip in nutrient absorption and production. That’s where supplementation comes in. Restore your pet’s nutrient intake using top-shelf products and your dog will have what it needs to function more efficiently.

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