Choco-Coco Martini with Vibrant Collagen Creamer

Choco-Coco Martini with Vibrant Collagen Creamer


Recipe adapted by Miranda Brown, M.S., R.D.N./L.D., licensed esthetician



Happy hour becomes self-care hour when you mix up and serve this frothy chocolate martini. The addition of Vibrant Collagen Creamer not only gives this martini a subtle yet delicious coconut flavor but gives your body an anti-aging boost. Collagen is a structural protein found nearly everywhere in our bodies. As we age, the presence and production of our collagen declines, resulting in less taut skin and joint pain. Increasing collagen intake through dietary supplementation has been shown to smooth and firm aged skin.


Choco-Coco Martini with Collagen

Total prep time: 5 minutes


Things You’ll Need

-stainless steel cocktail shaker

-liquid measuring cup

-martini glass or other cocktail glass



1.5 ounces          chocolate liqueur

2.5 ounces          half and half (or nut milk)

.5 ounces             vodka

1 tablespoon     Green Foods Vibrant Collagen Creamer


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Remove lid from cocktail shaker. Fill shaker ¾ full of ice.


Step 2: Add chocolate liqueur, half and half (or nut milk), vodka, and collagen creamer to shaker. Secure lid tightly on shaker.


Step 3: Once lid is secure, shake container for 1 minute, combining all ingredients. Remove straining cap on lid and pour contents into martini glass or other cocktail glass.


Step 4: Garnish with raspberry and mint leaves Savor and enjoy!



Assembly and preparation: 5 minutes


Serving Size

4.5 ounces


As a registered dietitian and licensed esthetician, Miranda Brown witnesses daily how food can make the body heal, thrive and glow.



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