Green Foods Shaker Cup
Green Foods Shaker Cup

Green Foods Shaker Cup

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kitchePowering up with a Green Food protein mix, superfood blend or other high-quality supplement is a great way to supercharge your workout or boost your overall nutrition, but you don’t always have access to a blender. When electricity isn’t an option and you’re looking for the most convenient way to whip up your favorite nutrient-infused drink, turn to the handy Green Foods Shaker Cup.

Will my cup leak?

Our shaker cups are designed to keep your drink safe. A tight-fitting lid means that your beverage stays put until you’re ready to take a sip.

Does this cup only work with Green Foods supplement powders?

Our shaker cups are a fantastic way to mix, store and consume our powders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in other ways. Fill up your shaker cup with water, iced coffee or tea, a smoothie, cold-pressed juice, a matcha milkshake or any other beverage that catches your fancy.

How do I know how much liquid to use?

The directions on your container of Green Foods powder will tell you all you need to know about serving size as well as the correct amount of liquid to use for the best consistency. We’ve also added graduated markings to the outside of our shaker cups, so you never have to use a separate measuring cup or guesswork to ensure you’re adding the right amount of water, milk or juice.

Is this shaker cup good for travel?

Yes! Unlike bulkier travel mugs or sports bottles, the Green Foods Shaker Cup is easy to stow when not in use, leaving you plenty of extra room in your bag for other

Can I use the shaker cup for storage?

While you can technically leave liquids in your shaker cup and put it in the fridge for later, you’ll get the most nutritional benefit from Green Foods powders if you drink them soon after they’re mixed.

What is a Shaker Cup?

The Green Foods Shaker Cup is a plastic cup with a tight-fitting lid that allows you to vigorously shake up your go-to concoction without risking a leak. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to tote almost anywhere, our shaker cups are streamlined and sized to hold just enough liquid for a single serving.

Say goodbye to bulky tumblers that won’t fit in your cup holders and tall water bottles that tip over and spill. No need for messy pouring, and you don’t have to worry about traveling with extra utensils, fussy baggies or bulky canisters. Preload your shaker cup with a scoop of Green Magma, True Vitality or another Green Foods product, and pack the cup in your gym or carry-on bag. Add your liquid when you’re ready to mix, then drink up!

Green Foods Shaker Cups are Great For:

How to Use Green Food Shaker Cups

All the Benefits

• Ditch the Excuses: How many times have you found yourself skipping your supplements because it was just “too difficult” to measure out the right amount of liquid or because you didn’t want to take yet another pill? Switch to powdered supplements and a shaker cup, and you’ll find that it’s never been easier to give your body (and mind) the nutrition it craves.

• Smooth, Delicious Drinks: Blenders are a pain to clean, and you can’t take them on the subway or sit one on your desk. You can mix up your powders with a spoon, but that usually means you’ll be sipping on something that’s a little chunky rather than creamy and delicious. Using a shaker cup ensures that your Green Foods powders dissolve, maximizing your enjoyment so you can happily sip down to the last drop.

• Charge Up While on the Go: Everyone’s busy. Between work obligations and personal responsibilities, there’s something scheduled for every second of every day, or at least that’s what it feels like. Your nutrition is often the last thing on your list, but don’t you deserve to feel and function at your best? Treat yourself to a Green Foods Shaker Cup and a few of our supplements, and you can revitalize your body no matter how hectic your day becomes.

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