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Looking for the ultimate superfood? You’ve found it in Magma Plus, a brilliant health boosting blend of vegetables, fruits, plants and herbs, each ingredient specially selected for its reputation as a major contributor to increased well-being.

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When should I take Magma Plus?

For maximum impact and absorption, it’s best to take Magma Plus on an empty stomach. Depending on your schedule, that may mean treating yourself to a glass of Magma Plus first thing in the morning, or you may prefer drinking it in the afternoon post-workout to help you power through the rest of your day.

Can I add Magma Plus to my coffee or tea?

The active enzymes in Magma Plus lose their efficacy when exposed to heat, so we recommend mixing the powder with cool liquids instead.

Is Magma Plus organic?

We’ve taken great care to check and double-check the ingredients sourced for Magma Plus, and we’re proud to say that this superfood mix is GMO-free and has no pesticides or herbicides. Feel free to view the report, or check out our pesticide test to see the results for yourself.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan. Is Magma Plus a good choice for me?

Magma Plus utilizes vegetable-derived nutrients and enzymes as well as a number of other plant-based vitamins and minerals; however, it also contains bee products,  including honey, bee pollen and royal jelly. If you’re vegan or otherwise avoiding bee products, please take a look at our other vegan-friendly and bee-free supplements.

How does Magma Plus taste?

Imagine all the green, delicious goodness of fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs packed into one powerful sip. Magma Plus is alive with fresh flavor and a hint of sweetness that most people find tasty and refreshing.

What Is Magma Plus?

It all starts with powdered juice from young barley grass, a chlorophyll-rich plant packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Next comes mixed vegetable powders; whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian living a plant-based lifestyle or an omnivore who cringes at the sight of salad, you can meet — or even exceed — your daily veggie quota thanks to this blend containing carrot, wheat grass, alfalfa, cabbage, beets, daikon radish, tomato, spinach, kale and more.

Magma Plus also contains mixed fruit powders, bee products, whole food extracts, herbal extracts, green algae, probiotics and vegetarian-sourced enzymes. In short, it’s everything you need to feel, look and think your best, all wrapped up in a 3 teaspoon serving and ready to be incorporated into your daily diet.

Magma Plus May Help:

How to Use Magma Plus

Magma Plus May Be Used To:

• Improve Overall Health: With 1.8 grams of health-sustaining barley grass and a wealth of nature’s most prized fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs, Magma Plus is primed to fuel your body in some truly brilliant ways.

• Boost Energy: Rather than relying on stimulants, Magma Plus boosts energy via a natural source of energy: adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. As living organisms soak up energy from food and sunlight, that energy is metabolized and then stored as ATP. When your cells need a little extra get up and go, they turn to ATP — and now, with Magma Plus, you have plenty to provide.

• Promote Muscle and Nervous System Function: You feel your best when you can move and think the way nature intended. The triple-threat combination of ginkgo biloba, magnesium and lecithin works to improve blood flow to the brain, battle free radicals, increase calcium absorption, facilitate enzymatic reactions and more. As a result, you may experience positive changes in everything from memory and cognitive speed to psychiatric wellness and collagen production.

• Support Your Immune System: Echinacea has a reputation as a natural cold remedy, and clinical trials show the herb can be used to bolster your immune system. Magma Plus also contains bee products such as bee pollen, an impressively well-rounded nutrient that may help reduce inflammation, aid in detox and serve as a natural allergy fighter.

• Stimulate Digestion and Cleansing: Ginger helps soothe a sour tummy and encourages digestion, while milk thistle has long been used to address liver problems.

• Energize Your Body and Mind: Barley grass, fruit and vegetable extras, ginseng — they all work in concert to streamline your body’s innate functions and pave the way to greatness.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.