Green Magma Green Apple Smoothie

By Green Foods

We’re big fans of our Green Magma.  Not only does it have a mild taste but it packs a ton of nutrients.  Green Magma contains over 15 active Enzymes and Amino acids to enhance your body’s overall performance but it also contains a high dose of chlorophyll to detox impurities that build up in your body throughout the years.  It's easy to see why it has been our #1 seller for over 40 years and counting.  For those trying Green Magma for the first time, the recipe below incorporates all the benefits of barley grass juice plus extra fruits and vegetables.  Feel free to throw in a handful of spinach if you like your smoothie to be more vibrant green but remember, Green Magma has 5x more iron than spinach so we’ve got you covered in that department. 



1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Banana

1 cup frozen Riced Cauliflower

2 Tsp Green Foods Green Magma

2 cups ice

1 cup of water/coconut milk

2 tablespoons of agave nectar (to taste)



Core and cut apple and banana into chunks



Add fruit and frozen riced cauliflower to blender.  



Add agave nectar to desired sweetness



Blend on high for 1 minute


Serve immediately and enjoy!



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