Blueberry Matcha Pops


With summer winding down, lets take a moment to savor the long days before the rush of back to school and pumpkin season is upon us again.  Lets extend summer with refreshing blueberry matcha pops.  The tangy and sweet taste of blueberry pairs perfectly with the smooth and creamy frozen matcha.  This popsicle is a burst of antioxidants to defend your body against free radicals along with healthy fats from coconut milk. Feel good knowing you are eating something good but also good for you.  Make a batch and serve it at your end of summer bash and have everyone oohing and aahing over how pretty they look and how delicious they taste. 


(Makes 10 popsicles)



Blueberry Top

1 cup water

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 TB honey


Matcha Bottom

2 cups of coconut milk

1 cup water

4 TB of Green Foods Matcha

1 ½ TB Honey





In a saucepan over medium heat, add water and blueberry and bring to simmer.  Smash the blueberry to the bottom of the pan to release all the juice. Remove from heat.  Add honey and mix well. Set aside to cool


Distribute blueberry sauce evenly in silicone popsicle mold and set in freezer for 30 min



In a blender add water, coconut milk

 Green Foods Matcha

honey and blend until matcha is dissolved.    


Carefully pour matcha blend into the popsicle molds

and freeze for 6 hours or overnight. 




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