Berry Collagen Beet Sangria



Lets toast to the end of a great summer with our Berry Collagen Beet Sangria.  Celebrate kids going back to school by sipping on this mildly sweet berry sangria full of antioxidants, nitric oxide and collagen peptides.  We took two of our favorite products Beets and Collagen Peptides and combined it in one great cocktail so you won’t feel guilty about drinking a little bit more.  So raise a glass (or three) to the end of summer because before you know it, the holidays will be upon us.



1 bottle of dry Rose

1/3 cup brandy

3-4 Tbs agave

3 Tbs Vibrant Collagen

2 tsp GF Beet Essence

Sparkling water


6 oz strawberries

6 oz blueberries/blackberries

6 oz raspberries



Mix Rose, brandy and agave together in a pitcher then add fruit. Refrigerate 1 hour up to a day.  Top each glass with sparkling water before serving


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