Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf
Barley Grass Whole Leaf

Barley Grass Whole Leaf

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Eat more greens! It’s the mantra of nutritionists and medical experts over the world, but we all know how difficult it is to wolf down a heaping helping of kale when we’re on the go. Green Foods Barley Grass Whole Leaf makes it easier for you to get your daily dose of vegetable based nutrition without resigning yourself to a spinach-only diet.

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What’s the difference between Barley Grass Whole Leaf and barley juice powder?

Barley juice powders are made using the dried juice of the barley leaf with no fiber included. Barley Grass Whole Leaf is made using dried and ground whole barley leaves, including the fiber. The nutrients in juice powder are easier to absorb, but the bulk in whole leaf powder is fantastic for helping you feel full, regulating blood sugar, and aiding in digestion.

Is Barley Grass Whole Leaf vegan?

Yes! In addition to being completely free of all animal products and by-products, Barley Grass Whole Leaf is raw, kosher, and made without any GMOs, additives, or fillers.

I’m avoiding gluten. Can I have Barley Grass Whole Leaf?

It depends. Pure barley grass is made from leaves harvested before the grain part of the barley plant begins to grow. For that reason, pure barley grass is considered a gluten-free product. However, some companies make their barley grass powders on shared equipment, which means the powder could be cross-contaminated. If you have celiac diseases or gluten sensitivity, always ask whether a brand’s supplements are exposed to gluten during production.

Will Barley Grass Whole Leaf help me lose weight?

Barley Grass Whole Leaf is not a weight loss product, but the combination of high quality fiber and whole-food nutrition is exactly what your body needs to run efficiently, produce more energy, ditch toxins, and help you feel rejuvenated.

What Is Green Foods Barley Grass Whole Leaf?

Barley is considered a superfood thanks to its impressive nutrient density. Young, tender shoots of barley grass grow over a foot tall, absorbing the very best the sun and soil have to offer and transforming that energy into a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and protein. The result? A powerful product that harnesses the very best of nature to improve your well-being from the inside out. Serving to serving, barley grass has more iron than broccoli, more calcium than milk, and more vitamin D than orange juice.

Barley Grass Whole Leaf Is:

How to Use Green Foods Barley Grass Whole Leaf

Barley Grass Whole Leaf May Help:

• Boost Energy: Drink up! A rapid influx of nutrients is just what your body needs to fuel its systems and function on all cylinders.

• Aid Digestion: The fiber in barley grass is very beneficial for the digestive system. It helps with regularity, protects the intestinal lining, and promotes gut health too.

• Strengthen Immunity: Barley Grass Whole Leaf contains more vitamin C than oranges. When viruses attack, vitamin C stores help improve the body’s resistance and combat everything from stress to the common flu. Barley grass is also naturally rich in copper, another immunity-boosting nutrient that fuels hemoglobin production so red blood cells can better store, transport, and release oxygen necessary for optimal function.

• Fight Free Radicals: All the toxins your body absorbs from pollution, pesticides, and food sources can build up and burden your system. The antioxidants in barley grass aid in detoxification, keeping oxidative damage at bay and helping prevent everything from liver disease to cancer.

• Bring Out More Youthful Skin: Combine antioxidants with a dose of selenium and you have a double-headed weapon ideal for combating wrinkles. Add in a bunch of chlorophyll, iron, and vitamin B, and you’re also driving cell regeneration through your skin and hair.

• Improve Circulation and Cholesterol: Chlorophyll has been linked to a ton of benefits, two of which are lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels.

• Regulate Blood Sugar: Barley grass may lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance, improving quality of life for type 2 diabetics and preventing complications associated with frequent blood sugar spikes and drops.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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